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With the help of family and friends, McClish’s Plants Plus Greenhouses LLC had its humble beginnings 35 seasons ago this spring.  Although the facilities have enlarged and improved over the years, the desire to provide Fayette and the surrounding counties with the highest quality plants has remained the priority from the beginning.  Along with the help of a very committed staff, patrons still enjoy surrounding themselves in a world of spring color.  Over the years, the McClish family has also had the privilege and opportunity to host visitors from around the world to view their unique growing facility.


The greenhouse site had originally been the general store for the community of Eber.  It had fallen into disrepair and was demolished to clear the location for the new greenhouse endeavor in 1984.  The original 5 acre property has grown to 7 acres and now includes Eber’s original 1 room schoolhouse known as “Mt. Eber # 7”. Initially, the McClishs built a small pole structure to be used as a sales area and one plastic covered greenhouse to welcome customers the first spring.  A second greenhouse and drilled well to replace hauling water to 2 dug wells were the second year’s improvements.  Every 2 to 3 years thereafter, another greenhouse was added to meet the growing customer demand.  In 1997, a warehouse barn with transplanting area, office and storage proved to be invaluable to the behind the scenes operations.  Brent and Nancy’s family also grew during those years first with Bryan and then Rachel.  Although they are both now married they are still available at times for some extra “family” help.  Bryan is busy coordinating on the 3 generation family farm and Rachel has successfully launched “Rachel’s House Catering and In-House Dining” just across the road from the greenhouse location. 

After 7 plastic greenhouse structures became cramped and uncomfortable for the McClish’s retail trade, the need for a major change was evident.  After many drawings, out-of-state visits to other facilities and thought, plans for the new glass retail garden center were finalized.  Through the fall of 2004, site work was performed by the McClish’s and concrete was poured.  Erection of the glass facility was performed by a family greenhouse construction team from Saskatchewan, Canada throughout the winter months.  Upon their completion in March 2005, the “McClish crew” installed and finished the electrical, plumbing and benching systems just in time to welcome customers to the first annual open house.

McClish's Greenhouse

Discovering ways to produce quality plants with a limited labor supply through the use of simple automation is an ongoing endeavor for Brent.  One area that has been especially helpful to their operation is the installation of a sub irrigation system for all the cutting geraniums in three of their greenhouses.  This very unique system allows the geraniums to soak water up into the pots from long narrow “troughs” the pots are placed on.  The water used for irrigation can be reused since it is collected at the end of the watering cycle, thereby creating both an “environmentally friendly” and laborsaving system that virtually eliminates leaf diseases since the foliage is never wet.    Many have been intrigued by McClish’s system, which they read about in a greenhouse trade magazine article.  A monorail cart system also assists in moving plant material from one greenhouse to another.

Searching to discover new plant varieties that are consistent and productive performers for each new and upcoming spring is a yearlong undertaking by the McClish’s.  They attend various field trial plantings to test and compare varieties side by side.  Just because a variety is a new introduction does not guarantee its performance for a local homeowner; therefore, careful considerations and evaluations are made by talking to other greenhouse grower friends, reading seed and trade publications and making trial plantings.  Nancy is very careful to select varieties and new introductions that should perform well for our region.

The encouragement and loyalty of their customers and friends have always challenged the McClish family to continue to strive for excellence.  Choosing to remain nearly 100% retail has allowed the family to concentrate solely on their customers’ needs and success.  After their primary greenhouse season from January through June, the balance of the year is spent with farming activities, along with preparations for the upcoming season.  The McClish’s and staff strive to create a truly unique family atmosphere for their patrons to enjoy.  It is always a pleasure for them to give some advice or just visit with their customers.  Whether someone is a new, young or seasoned gardener, many become friends throughout the seasons.  Sincere and heartfelt appreciation is extended to those who have in any way contributed during the past 34 seasons.  As is often mentioned, it has always been a joy to witness the Lord’s work in nature over the years.  The McClish family and staff will look forward to welcoming both old and new friends this season!